Tech Client Office
Glendale, CA
Workplace Desing
Italian restaurant
Workspace design
Glendale, CA
200,000+ SQ FT
‘Tech Client’’s new workplace in California is a unique opportunity to create World Class workplace environment that will enhance the effectiveness of their business and staff reinforcing market leadership. In every new workplace project, we look for ways to challenge the traditional models of workplace culture, carefully evaluating the existing culture and corporate values of a practice and provide a dynamic and inspired response to your aspirations
The benefits of a high-performance workplace are compelling – creativity, innovation and productivity are amongst the primary drivers of change for Tech Client as you seek sustainable competitive advantage. We have undertaken this process of workplace change to ensure that the strategic direction is translated into a world class workplace for ‘Tech Client’. The design approach will be tailored to account for local market requirements and codes combined with Global Best Practice. ‘Tech Client’ has sought to combine the original phases of work into one contiguous scope of services over nine floors totaling at As a business ‘Tech Client’ has many parts. Our process captured all corners of each of those groups in three ways: 1. Private response 2. Observation 3. Face to face (virtual)
Design Strategy (8 wks), SD, DD, CD, Construction Admin, Material Selection, DOB filings.
This project was created under the direction of Forge Architecture
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