Honzawa residence
Westchester, NY
brooklyn penthouse
Westchester, NY
2500 SQ FT
Situated within the Cross River Reservoir watershed’s drainage basin, and along the protected buffer of the reservoir, the simplicity of this retreat belies the extraordinary effort put forth to conserve the natural surroundings and indigenous plants, as well as navigate the strict requirements of the New York City Department of Environmental Protection. 
The building was sited to take advantage of views to the nearby reservoir, but also so as to not remove a single tree, sapling, or branch. Roots of nearby old-growth oaks were gently coxed away from the groundwork through air-spading and other conservation techniques, protecting their delicate web-like root structure throughout the construction process. The foundation engages the embankment with minimal disturbance, above which the floor is cantilevered to form a cross shaped plan from which the building takes its form.

The simplicity of the mahogany interior is merely a back-drop to the ever-changing seasonal beauty for which the retreat was created to enjoy. Windows are more aptly described as fully glazed walls, each with the ability to be lowered below the floor level, further enhancing the experience of one sitting upon a perch in nature. The steel frames in which the glazed wall sections are supported, are expressed on the outside with honesty, giving the building an appearance of only lightly treading on this otherwise tranquil spot.
Design Iteration, FF&E, Construction Admin, Material Selection, DOB filings.
This project was created under the direction of Carlton Architecture PC
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